Who The Fuck Is Monix Anyway?


the bio

Producer, DJ and live musician Monix has become a true household name synonymous with underground techno music. Monix has amassed a staggering catalog of music and original productions and recorded under many different monikers. Known for being one of the only producers/DJs who is legally blind, Monix has still managed to adapt his production and DJ techniques overcoming this battle becoming a major player in the techno scene. Monix exposes you to an experience, an exploration of his darkness and unknown visions delivered through his most valued sense of reality and subconscious understanding, sound.

Monix’s productions remain to be composed of all analog gear. His live performances consist of his modular hardware setup, but he is also known for his extensive marathon DJ sets combining digital controllerism with analog gear.

The sound of Monix has been adopted into sets and the DJ charts of names like Chris Liebing, Slam, Truncate, Paco Osuna, Len Faki, Drumcell, Tommy Four Seven, DVS1, Sam Paganini, DJ Hyperactive, Pfirter, Mark Morris, Xpansul, Miro Pajic, Markantonio, Carl Cox, Cari Lekebusch, Luigi Madonna, and many more.

history of his blindness

As a young boy Monix has endured a long battle with diabetes.  Diabetes has caused multiple other conditions leading to the blindness.  These conditions are Advance Background Retinopathy and Macular Edema.  To put it in a more simplistic term, Monix’s sees what looks like someone poured mud or paint onto a car windshield.  Unfortunately right now there is no cure for his condition. Monthly eye injections keeps his remaining vision stable and he is grateful for that, and is optimistic that one day there will be a cure or at least the ability to correct his vision.